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Our UK Student Services for admission are mainly structured for international and EU students. We also offer UK university admission services to home students with limited options. Check out our wide range of free services below.

At an international student’s initial stage, our experienced team will help and support you to find the right course and institute according to your future plans.

So we advise you to visit the Help and Support page to have a free consultation for your admission.

As an international student, you need to do plenty of research to select your desired subject and course. As you know, there are different types and levels of courses in the UK, like the International Foundation Programme, International Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Research programmes.

As an international student in the initial stages, our experienced team will help and guide you to find the right course and institute according to your future plans. So we advise you to please book an appointment to have free one-to-one counselling for your admission.

As an international student, you should thoroughly research your prospective course, its requirements, deadlines, and course costs before you think about completing and submitting an application for a particular institute. After having fully researched the course you are interested in, make sure you now have the relevant information you need to apply.

• Course name, Application deadline, and funding deadlines
• The relevant required supporting documents (e.g., transcripts, CV, etc.) in pdf format to upload.
• Email addresses for your academic referees. You should ensure you have their consent before you apply.
• Students are requested to choose a subject and at least three institutes to consider their application.

Our partner institutes have the option for Scholarship applications for those who wish to apply for an international scholarship, and a member of the team will guide our students on how to make a scholarship application.

AHZ  recruitment policy is exceptional, and we always try our best to arrange a direct appointment with the institute’s representative in almost every case. We also arrange education fairs and open days for almost every intake, where students can directly meet university representatives and get course information and career guidelines.

Moreover, as we represent many prominent universities and colleges around the globe, admission enables us to provide students with a choice of course of study, fees, locations, etc. We provide online services to our students so that they can complete the necessary admission and visa procedures through an online portal.

Important Information

• General guideline for those considering applying for the next intake
• Entry requirements may vary from country to country and programme to programme.

Most of the Institutes follow the UK NARIC; some are specified for certain major subjects, grades, duration of courses, experience, English language requirements, and so on.

Entry requirements may vary between English-speaking countries and non-English-speaking countries and from institute to institute. We advise that you book an appointment to know your entry requirements.

We are representing more than 130 universities from across the UK. In most cases, our consultants try to answer all your inquiries, but if you wish to talk to an international admission officer of a partner university, we can make an arrangement for you. Please fill out the request a callback form and give a particular reason, and we will book an appointment for you.

If you are in an English-speaking country, you may need to show academic and financial evidence. Academic evidence will help you show your academic skills. And financial evidence makes you aware of how much funding you will be required to provide during your course of study.

If you are in a non-English-speaking country, you may require the following documents in addition:
• All your academic documents
• Your passport
• All previous visa copies and immigration history forms (if you studied before in the UK)
• UK educational documents (CAS/visa letter, enrollment/course completion letter, award certificate)
• personal statement or statement of purpose.
• CV (include phone number, Skype ID, present and previous address, next of kin, and references)
• At least one reference letter.

Once you have gathered relevant documents, please send them to our operational department at with your application, and we will forward them to the relevant department to process your application further. Please note that submitting an application does not ensure confirmation of your acceptance.

If your educational certificate, bank statements, or any other important documents are not in English, you must provide a translation that can be verified by the Home Office. If you are using an overseas account, including a conversion of the amounts on your statements using It is acceptable to use overseas accounts when applying from inside and outside the UK.
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