Overseas Institutions Related Services

International Institutional Support

We offer holistic support to students and parents. Our initiatives include conferences, seminars, and workshops
to enhance student performance and confidence. Additionally, we provide free online services to aid students in
studying abroad. Our commitment is to accompany students throughout their journey in overseas education.
We host exclusive overseas education fairs, connecting foreign education institutes with pre-screened students
from various locations. This targeted platform allows institutes to engage with serious and focused students. The
fairs also provide students with the chance to meet institute representatives face-to-face and secure admissions
Advertising taking premium positions in the education/business publications conveying rational reasons to
explore the Option of International Education. Regular Editorial support in Popular Publications in Bangladesh.
Events Participating in and organizing Study Abroad exhibitions, Seminars / Career fairs in Association with
Foreign Universities to give more personal interaction to the students and Open their Minds to various learning
opportunities they have Abroad. For example:

✔ Assisting in developing viable and practical marketing policies
✔ Arranging recruitment and promotional trips
✔ Arranging and booking educational fairs
✔ Optimizing student targets
✔ Feedback to institutions from parents and students
✔ Arranging affiliation and collaboration with local institutions